Why Participate?

3 reasons to join

 #1 Centrality 

One-week program located in the center of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, the university district. Within 30 minutes to all the major Tokyo creative hot spots.

Your chance to connect and discover what is happening in Tokyo with an international flavor.

 #2 Interactivity 

A blend of lectures, workshops and visits to understand creativity in a global context.  

The creative process and its management are analyzed with a multidisciplinary, international, intercultural and intergenerational point of view.

 #3 Connectivity 

Opportunity to network with domestic and international partners in the field of the creative economy.

The program is organized by the Department of Global Innovation Studies (GINOS), Toyo University, Japan, in collaboration with MOSAIC, the creativity and innovation hub from HEC-Montréal, Canada and BETA, Strasbourg University, France. 3 major universities working on innovation and creativity.

Bernard Petiot

VP, Cirque du Soleil

CREATOYO 2019 surprised

me! It is an audacious and

courageous program

allowing students, academics

and business professionals to

go beyond talking about

creativity, innovation and

entrepreneurship but to

experience it by changing the

conventional learning codes.



Veronika Antoniou

Urban Gorillas

Creativity is a spontaneous,

playful, explorative and

instinctive force that manifested itself

completely during Creatoyo,

1st edition. Congratulations!

Emilie Ruiz

Strasbourg University


Caterina Mugelli

Florence University

Remarkable enthusiasm from all the participants, which

stimulates new path of practical research by pursuing a

‘living concept’ such as creativity: something uncommon

and stimulating.

Yiorgos Hadjichristou

University of Nicosia

Looking for the newness so far away? Don’t forget to

glimpse inside. It is there, it is yours, it is unique.

Still unknown and unexpected… welcome it!