About Us

CREATOYO is an annual one-week interactive training aimed at apprehending creativity through a variety of contexts and experiences.

The event is organized by the Department of Global Innovation Studies (GINOS), Toyo University, Japan, in collaboration with MOSAIC, the creativity and innovation hub from HEC Montreal, Canada and BETA from Strasbourg University.

During the week-long program, a blend of lectures, exhibitions, round-tables, workshops, and visits of creative spaces will enable the participants to gain a better grasp of what is creativity and how Tokyo, and Japan more generally, are crafting and nurturing their creative ecosystems.


Based on the three concepts of “Travel”, “Play” and “Dialogue”, we intend to expand the network of the participants, favor interactions and generate opportunities for both theoretical and case-driven dialogues around creativity. By mixing domestic and international business leaders, civil servants, academics, creative operators and students, the program intends to create an interactive event where we mix and remix creative ideas and concepts.